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  Vonda comes with 27 years as a packaging expert in the personal care industry. Her infinite travel itinerary has also made her quite the packing expert. Vonda shares her holiday packing tips to make traveling with your beauty products a stress-free experience.

  • Winter beauty often means more moisture. Instead of packing extra moisturizers, choose products formulated with added moisture, especially face and hair products. Remember, if you’re going skiing, don’t forget Chap Stick and always pack sunscreen.
  • Organize only the most essential beauty products by face, hair, body, and necessary prescriptions or vitamins. Organizing by category first provides a visual inventory that may help limit your need to take every single thing in your medicine cabinet or tell you what you need to pick up before your trip.
  • Pick a product/toiletry organizer with the following benefits:
    • Easy to pack/lays flat
    • Multi-compartments that are easy to clean
    • Zippers that don’t get stuck!
    • Hanging toiletry bags are always handy
    • You may have to think about placing extra padding around the more delicate items to avoid any breakage or spillage.
  travel tips  
  • Always carry extra zip lock baggies, especially when carrying on items like lip gloss and eye drops through airport security. Also, these come in handy if you want to keep your other products safe from spillage, i.e. mineral loose powder that usually gets everywhere first, before it even touches your face. They can also carry dirty laundry on your way back home.
  • When I am checking a bag, I always make sure the liquids in breakable bottles and small jars (like eye cream) go into clear plastic bags tucked securely (and cushioned by my clothes) in the center of my check-in luggage.
  • Electronics take up lots of space, so invest in "travel size" hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Most of the options are affordable and can be folded up or are smaller sized to allow room for other necessities or a smaller travel bag. Plus, the light weight size is always helpful if you have a hard time meeting the 50lb maximum when flying.
  • If you are traveling via air this holiday, prepare for hold ups! To protect yourself from a missed flight or lost luggage here are a few things to pack that can ease the distress of any hitch in your travel plans:
    • An extra change of clothes
    • Colgate Wisps - waterless toothbrush/paste
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  travel tips  
    • A scarf, hair tie, or headband (To help style dirty or messy airport hair)
    • Cooling / Calming Eye Cream (this will ease the travel stress and help you relax)
    • Wipes so skin stays clean and refreshed
    • Always carry-on an extra pair of underwear!