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NY1 Segment featured Mini Kittour Jet Setter as a fashion must have for Fall!

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  I love the way my Daily comes with the little essentials that are perfect for my day-to-night events. I don't even need to stick it in a purse - my little Daily is super posh as a purse and there's just enough room for my make-up must-haves!
Jennifer, Age 26
Vegas Baby!
  I bought my wife the OVERNIGHT and now I want one too. Usually our hotel bathroom is full of different bottles of this and that and I can tell what's what! Having all sorts of compartments and bottle options helps her get organized and I get to use the second bag for my stuff!
John, Age 38
Traveled to Palm Springs for the weekend
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First Class Passengers have to say…
I won't go anywhere without my Jet Setter! It's the best purchase I've made all year! These are the cutest travel bottles and the first one's I've had where I can actually tell the difference between my shampoo and conditioner! The waterproof labels are so smart, I put them on everything!
Sheila, Age 33
Travel frequently on business trips
Simple, sophisticated, and a no-brainer. Why didn't I think of this!??
Danielle, Age 45
Consummate traveler and beauty addict
Ok, the Carried Away Zip-Lock bags? SO CUTE!!!!! All my friends want one! I keep all of my make-up in them, even when I'm not traveling. Great for sandwiches too!
Denise, Age 21
College Student/Road Tripper
The Jet Setter is amazing!!! All the charms, the beautiful quilted material, the inside tray, and the brushes!! Those brushes are gorgeous and are super soft. I feel like I bargained shopped but don't look like I did…
Angela, Age 31